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Experience Quick & Easy Home Buying in Dubai – Now Possible in Minutes!

The Dubai Land Department has launched a new Instant Sale feature, enabling the purchase of property in just minutes. This revolutionary technology offers a fast and convenient way for people to buy a property, allowing them to complete the process quickly and easily.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has introduced a new feature called Instant Sale, which utilizes sophisticated assessment technology to facilitate real estate transactions without the need for audits.

This action is in line with DLD’s endeavors to expand the utilization of cutting edge arrangements and accomplish the objective of Dubai Economic Agenda D33 to set Dubai as the greatest city on the planet to live and work.

The Instant Sale Function applies to transactions concerning real estate assets, such as apartments and villas, located in freehold areas, which are managed by Real Estate Registration Trustees.

The goal of this initiative is to make the process more efficient and enhance the customer experience of DLD by having all parties present at the real estate registration trustee office to sign contracts.
The smart valuation process confirms the prices, and afterwards, fees are paid and the new title deed is issued in just a few minutes.

This new initiative is expected to provide a powerful boost for the sector to sustain its impressive growth and reach an impressive number of sales transactions in the upcoming stages.

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